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1 Instructions for filling checklists

  • For New Installation Checklist, follow the instructions given at the top of the checklist.
  • For Shifting Servers Checklist, steps that do not apply to NEOSYS-hosted server have a star next to its corresponding checkbox.
  • Tick only the checkboxes of the steps that are completed.
  • If a step is carried out differently from what is mentioned in the checklist, the reason for this must be specified as comments at the bottom of the checklist. These comments must be numbered as C1, C2 etc, and these comment numbers must be mentioned in the checkbox next to its corresponding step.
  • Once complete, upload the checklist to the dropbox folder "Checklists" and email a copy to support.

2 Windows 2003 Installation

New Installation Checklist with remote support

New Installation Checklist (Finance Only) & without remote support

3 Windows 2008 Installation

Installation Checklist

4 Windows 10 Installation

New Installation Checklist

5 Shifting Servers

Shifting Servers Checklist‎

6 Migrating AREV to EXODUS

Migrating to Exodus Checklist