Uploading New Version of NEOSYS

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These instuctions will create and upload new versions of neosys2.exe or neosys2test.exe to http://neosys.com/support

CAUTION Do not release new live versions unless you are reasonably sure that the new version will not cause significant problems. Release a TEST version instead.

1. If you have done any changes in neosys.net, run the script


2. In maintenance mode

If you have done any changes in maintenance mode


3. Get into a command prompt from maintenance mode


4. Run the packaging and uploading script. Press Ctrl+C to break the script at any point.

zipadac2 test


zipadac2 all

Other options are

zipadac2 copy/build/copybuild/upload/uploadnoemail/email/all/test
  • copy - just copies the files to the build directory d:\neosys\neosys2\
  • build - builds the d:\neosys\neosys2\neosys2.exe file
  • copybuild - does both copy and build options*upload - uploads a previously built d:\neosys\neosys2\neosys2.exe file and emails support@neosys.com
  • uploadnoemail - same as above but doesnt email
  • email - just emails support@neosys.com
  • test - like "all" but the file uploaded is NEOSYS2TEST.EXE

4b. Enter the some description in the notepad which will be opened for you.


NEOSYS System Upgrade 29th June 2018
deleted versions can now be viewed even after restoration

Save and exit

5. Wait for the process to be completed

6. Return to maintenance mode