Uninstalling clients hosted on client Server

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  1. Install a license covering all previous years, and periods if part year termination, in one go for all modules and with the usual seven days grace period so that the client may continue using the system for paid up periods and years without support, but not create documents related to later periods after they stop paying.
  2. In support home page (support.htm), strike-through the terminated client's link.
  3. Stop recording daily backup of the databases in google drive file once it is terminated.
  4. In Nagios, if the status of the stopped host is DOWN or the status of any of its services is CRITICAL/WARNING for 30 days or more, then comment out the lines in the Nagios configuration file only for the services that are not working, so that Nagios stops alerting for it.
  5. If the terminated client is permanently closing operations or is shifting/has shifted to another location (i.e. different IP address), then comment out all lines for the client in Nagios configuration file and delete the associated entry from Zone Edit.
  6. Close all processes and delete all .cmd files needed to start NEOSYS processes.
  7. In Task Scheduler, disable the scheduled tasks that start NEOSYS processes and the scheduled task that restarts Apache.
  8. Remove client from 'Daily List of Open Ports' report to support@neosys.com. (bkup: authports file)