Uninstalling clients hosted on NEOSYS Server

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This must be done in the following circumstances:

  1. Reinstallation on other servers
  2. Reinstallation on clients own server
  3. Termination of contract
  4. Any other reason

NEOSYS needs to:

  1. Ensure that the installations can no longer be used by accident or design.
  2. Ensure that for a reasonable period of time that NEOSYS can be re-enabled in case of error or change in circumstances.

Include admin@neosys.com when sending emails regarding this subject.

1 Stage 1. Disabling

1. Ensure that the NEOSYS processes, for the installation that is being moved, have been shut down. This includes checking that no ntvdm process is running for the installation being moved, in procexp.exe (Find, Handle, D:)

2. Comment the lines pertaining to the stopped installation in D:/Apache24/conf/neosys2.conf

3. Edit the process startup cmd file, which is scheduled to run daily in the task scheduler and comment out the stopped installation from it.

4. Do not amend the client folder name or location, leave the client folder name as it is.

The old procedure to Capitalise the client folder name or MOVING this folder to the "OLD" folder leads to backups doubling up on capacity on the backup server as the historical snapshots retain the old folders on the backup server. Hence, these procedures must be stopped.

5. Retain a copy of the latest backup.zip file as mentioned in Handling backup for historical clients

6. Comment the lines for the stopped installation in the Nagios config file so that Nagios stops alerting for it. (edit: genclients.sh)

7. Strike-through the terminated client's link on support home page (support.htm).

2 Stage 2. Permanent Deletion

Any installation found in the hosts\OLD folder which is older than one year may be deleted to free up storage and backup resources as follows:

1. Delete the lines pertaining to stopped installations in D:/Apache24/conf/neosys2.conf.

2. Delete the associated folders in hosts folder.

3. Remove the terminated client's link from support home page (support.htm).

4. Delete the associated entry from Zone Edit.