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1 General Instructions for Testing NEOSYS

  1. Every time a new version of NEOSYS is released, it must be tested thoroughly for all its features to ensure NEOSYS credibility to clients.
  2. If the new version released has new entries in What's new in NEOSYS, then support MUST copy paste the new What's new entries onto email and send it to support inbox so that the What's new entries can be searched for in support inbox.
  3. This email must then be moved to the Support sub-folder in Thunderbird called "Permanent" so that emails in this folder are not deleted to clear space in future.
  4. Tests for each module must be carried out by logging in as different users as some issues do not show up when logged in as NEOSYS user.
  5. Whenever there are multiple rows, the 2nd line must ALWAYS be tested and this must be the primary test. This is because many errors do not show in the first line and only show in the subsequent lines.

2 Lightning Test

Lightning Test is a quick test of NEOSYS where all essential features mostly used by clients must be tested.

Lightning Test for all the modules in NEOSYS should not take more than 2 hours. All the tests listed below with an asterisk are mandatory and the rest can be skipped in a Lightning Test.

3 List of Tasks to be tested

3.1 Media
List of Tasks
* Create a new plan
* Check Plan Look up
* Create a plan by copying from a plan/schedule
* Take a plan printout, make use of filters on the screen
* Create a new schedule
Check Schedule Look up
* Create a schedule by copying from plan/schedule
* Use shortcut keys like tab/f9/f7 etc while creating the schedule
* Add vehicles with notes/Rate cards
* Enter discount and fee for the vehicles
* Check if discount and fee gets reflected in the cost and bill
Create free ads
Check if free ads reflect in the reports
* Book ads
* Certify ads
* Invoice ads, reprint invoice/invoices in bulk (more than 2)
* Generate media diary
Generate progress summary
* Do cancellations
* Generate credit notes
3.2 Jobs
List of Tasks
* Create new Job
* Check Job Look up
* Copy a job
* Enter all details
* Look up for Job Types
Use shortcut keys tab/f9/f7
* Create Estimate
* Create Purchase Order
* Generate invoice in Estimates
* Check invoice gets reflected correctly in Purchase order
* Enter supplier invoice for Purchase orders
* Check whether all above changes get reflected in the Job file
Create Credit Notes
* Job printout
* Purchase Order printout
* Estimate printout
* Minutely verify reports to check data consistency
Generate "List of Jobs pending estimates"
Generate "List of Jobs with WIP/Accrued Cost"
3.3 Finance
List of Tasks
* Create new batches (INV/PUR/PAY/REC) in Journal entry page
* Check and post the automatic entries created from Media and Jobs tests done. Do a full invoice cycle, including allocating an invoice to a receipt
Check the Journal Setup page
* Check Voucher file/deallocation
Generate the List of Vouchers (Voucher Search)
* Generate a Ledger print
* Check the Statement of Accounts
* Check the Chart of Accounts file
* Generate Trial Balances
* Generate Financial Statements
* Check the Currency & Exchange Rate file
* Edit the Company file
* Check if discount and fee gets reflected in the cost and bill
* Test three basic styles of journals e.g "SIDE BY SIDE" format for Sales invoices, "MAIN ACCOUNT IN THE HEADING" format for Bank Payments, "VERTICAL" format for General journals(JOU).
3.4 Analysis
List of Tasks
* Create/Edit/Run a Media Analysis report
* Create/Edit/Run a Billing Analysis report
* Create a copy of a Billing Analysis report
* Create a new Billing Analysis Column design
Test the Free Ad Analysis report.
Test Budget file
3.5 Timesheets
List of Tasks
* Edit the Timesheet Configuration file
* Edit existing activities in Activity file
* Create new activities in the Activity file
* Create a new Timesheet for a user, test each and every field
Take Timesheet printouts, test all the options available
Test Approval emails according to the users in the Configuration file.
* Test Reminder emails
Generate Timesheet Analysis report using various filters.
Save the report in Excel and verify the records present.
3.6 Login page, Support menu and Help menu
List of Tasks
* Reset password from NEOSYS login page and check whether new password is received via email successfully
* Create a new user in the Authorization File and save it
* Edit and save the System Configuration File
Take a backup of NEOSYS
Generate a log report
Generate usage statistics report
Generate list of database processes
Generate list of documents in use while editing any document (eg. schedule file, job file, etc.)
* Edit and save the User Details page
* Login as a User group to check all locks/keys are working properly