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  1. Replicate the error on all browsers after ensuring that the browsers have script error notifications enabled.
  2. Check in all the wikis for a solution.
  3. If there is no immediate fix for the error, try to find and provide a temporary workaround, which the client can use until the error is fixed.
  4. If the error is new, do a thorough investigation (eg. check NEOSYS logs) and try to find a solution for the error.
  5. If you still cannot find a fix for the error, then escalate the issue to your manager with an explanation of the issue.
  6. Support MUST always provide full screenshots of all the steps required to replicate the error, as this will help identify the cause of the error much quicker.
  7. When sending screenshots of the issue to your manager, the top-left of the browser MUST be visible so that it is clear which browser, URL and database is used.
  8. Ensure that script errors (if any) are included in the screenshots. Include every detail available regarding the script error, for example: script name, line number etc.
  9. Support MUST report the error to support team by email to keep a record of all errors in NEOSYS. Support team looks good when errors are spotted and fixed pro actively. Do not ignore the error for any reason.
  10. When requesting the programmer to fix the issue, explain WHAT has to be fixed and HOW it has to be fixed. Refer to Handling request to create a new feature or modifying existing features
  11. The most important step when solving any problem is Future Prevention. eg. add the solution to wiki, so that support spends lesser time fixing the problem in future.