Technical / Hardware requirements

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1 Hardware requirements

  • Entry level physical or virtual server *dedicated to NEOSYS only* (in case of virtual machine, the host machine MUST be dedicated to NEOSYS and access given to support team, else NEOSYS will run into issues untraceable by support team)
  • 2 or more CPU cores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 10 GB HDD - SSD Recommended

2 Software requirements

  • Windows 10 Pro. Must be 32bit. Cannot be 64bit.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise. Must be 32bit. Cannot be 64bit.
  • Windows 2008 Standard Edition. Must be 32bit. Cannot be 64bit/R2.
  • Administrator Access Rights
  • Configured with two partitions on the hard disk (C & D)
  • Configured as a workgroup and not as part of a domain
  • No roles assigned for the server (eg DNS or DHCP or FILE SERVER)
  • All service packs and updates applied
  • No Anti-Virus or any other program loaded
  • Configured with an internal static IP (ie dynamic IP delivered by DHCP is not allowed)

3 User Web Browser

Firefox, Chrome or MS Edge. (Support for IE stopped in 2019)

Browsers must have pop-up blockers turned off and must not have any 3rd party toolbars installed, that can potentially interfere with the NEOSYS user interface.

4 Backup requirements

If entry level physical server or if virtual server that supports USB passthrough (e.g. VMWare vSphere version 4.1 and above):

  • 3 x 4 GB USB drives for backup
  • Someone to change the USB drives on a scheduled basis (weekly)

If virtual server that does not support USB passthrough:

  • Client must *at their own responsibility* agree to arrange copy of the backup files to an external backup location every day.

Also refer to Backup to virtual server

5 Router requirements

  • Username and password for the router OR someone who can configure port forwarding/virtual server configuration for:
    • SSH on port 19580
    • HTTPS on 4430 OR port no. provided by NEOSYS Support (Required only if NEOSYS needs to be accessed from outside office and prior management approval for this is obtained)
  • Outgoing access to the internet on port 2500 or access to send email via an internal email server.

6 Remote support requirement

Letter to obtain agreement of client IT staff to provide remote access