Establishing Emergency Support Procedures

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This article needs to be turned into a letter for acceptable by the client.

Dear xxxx,

It is advisable that we establish a procedure for provision of emergency support for out of hours support where necessary.

Emergency support procedure rest on having emergency telephone numbers known to people. This could either be a complete list given to everybody or different levels of people only knowing part of the chain.


  1. Client Support - xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx - Mobile xxxxxxxxxx Landline xxxxxxxxx
  2. Client Management - xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx - Mobile xxxxxxxxx Landline xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. NEOSYS Support - xxxxxx xxxxxx - Mobile xxxxxxxxxxx Landline xxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. NEOSYS Management - xxxxx xxxxx - Mobile xxxxxxxxxxx Landline xxxxxxxxxx


  1. People could be instructed to try and obtain support according to the numbered priority.
  2. People do not have to be given the whole list.
  3. 1 and 2 could be reversed.