Configuring STARTALL.cmd command to auto start all processess

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Setting up the file

Create a .cmd file with the following command lines:

@echo press any key to START all neosys processes OR
@echo press Ctrl+C within 10 seconds followed by Y to cancel
c:\cygwin\bin\sleep 10
if exist d:\global.end.temp del d:\global.end.temp
if exist d:\global.end ren d:\global.end global.end.temp
cd \neosys\neosys
Start neosys.js /system ADAGENCY /database XXXX
c:\cygwin\bin\sleep 1
Start neosys.js /system ADAGENCY /database XXXX
Start neosys.js /system ADAGENCY /database XXXX

The c:\cygwin\bin\sleep 1 is to give a 1 second gap between each process startup.

Likewise you can add additional lines to start up additional processes.

Incase you need to disable a process startup temporarily, instead of deleting the line, you may add the word REM (meaning REMARK) before the start of the line and the line will be ignored till such time the remark is there.