Configuring NEOSYS for various language character sets

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1 Configuring the NEOSYS server for various language character sets

NEOSYS currently allows only one non-Latin character set to be operational in a server at one time. The Latin character set is always available regardless of what non-Latin character set is chosen.

Although the NEOSYS user interface appears to allow entry of all and any character sets, when the user attempt to save the document they will get a error message if any of the characters are not in the currently configured server character set. This error would say "UNACCEPTABLE CHARACTERS".

You must configure the character set by choosing the language in Windows as described below.

The new language will work in addition to English and you need to restart the machine after you install the new language.

If they are not in agreement then sorting and indexing will be wrong. Running REINDEXALL after changing the character set will resolve some issues.

1.1 Windows 2008


1.2 Windows 2003

Languageset2003a.jpg Languageset2003.jpg