Activating/Reactivating Windows

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Activating/Reactivating Windows

In case the automated reactivation or re-entry of the licence number doesn't work from the server screen, you have to call MS or use an automated phone system.

Firstly, ENABLE or CREATE the win3 firewall LAN rule that allows win3 full access to internet.

Web search for Microsoft product activation numbers UK.

  • United Arab Emirates (971) (4) 391 7000
  • United Kingdom (44) (203) 147 4930 toll free (0) (800) 018 8354

MS Executive will walk you through the following:

  1. Windows,Run “slui 4”
  2. "Use other methods"
  3. "Automated phone activation" ... gives 9 x 6 digit INSTALLATION ID
  4. Give the 9 x 6 digit numbers “Installation ID” to the phone or him
  5. Enter the 9 x 6 digit numbers that he gives you
  6. Next … will be activated

Perhaps alternatively to avoid a call to MS executive, use the phone numbers or instructions given in the "Automated phone activation" step.

Finally, DISABLE the win3 firewall LAN rule that allows win3 access to internet.