New Employee Training Checklist

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1 Day 1

  1. Go through General Office Procedures
  2. Create email Id eg :- Support Manager will share relevant google drive folders.
  3. To install and configure various software on Linux platform, see Setting up Ubuntu on NEOSYS Computers
  4. Reset browsers and disable pop-up blockers
  5. Password file:- This file contains all usernames and passwords. The file name should be generic. The file is password protected, please refer link to create an appropriate password for the file ( Refer Handling passwords). The file should be placed under Support Staff folder in Nextcloud. The aim is to protect the file from being accessed or modified by another person.
  6. Create signature in Thunderbird for all necessary accounts
  7. Mails are sent out in Calibri font with font size 11
  8. Create a file to store client info ( clients details) column names:- host name, company name, location of company, time zone, which server is the client's NEOSYS hosted on
  9. Configure your browsers according to Configuring Browsers to show Javascript errors and set as Firefox home page
  10. Introduce nagios
  11. Get NEOSYS IT to update Nagios monitoring workstations.cfg file and configure port-forwarding so that nagios can connect to the new employee's workstation
  12. Read wiki page “Backup and Restore”
  13. Create wiki ID and get NEOSYS IT to allow new users to receive wiki update emails

2 Day 2

  1. Check the clients file
  2. Explain backup procedure
  3. Show backup emails
  4. Share backup files
  5. Make the candidate do the morning backup-check routine.
  6. Explain
  7. Explain different backup failures
  8. Various checks on why and how a backup failed. (mail in inbox, nagios trends, neosys log, server event viewer)
  9. Show canned emails
  10. Go through wiki Procedures
  11. NEOSYS login page and configuring NEOSYS

3 Day 3

  1. Go through templates folder in support and backups email accounts.
  2. Show examples on when each backup template can be sent
  3. Do backups for the day and update the backup spreadsheet
  4. Schedule downtime on nagios
  5. Go through the various errors in Troubleshooting nagios
  6. Read IT wiki "Documenting NEOSYS systems"

4 Day 4

  1. Handle backup issues, critical issues on nagios
  2. Email clients if they need to be informed about issues.
  3. Explain Getting Started and NEOSYS login process
  4. Explain Media Schedule (per brand, Client Brand file, Vehicle file, specification, material, dates, free ads, Supplier file, booking, certifying, invoicing)

5 Day 5

  1. 2 Assignments on Schedules ( booking, cancelation, rebooking, certify & invoicing )
  2. Creating on various client and brand, vehicle and supplier files
  3. Practice Media module

6 Day 6

  1. Handling damaged file with examples
  2. Quiz on Procedures, Nagios and Handling damaged files

7 Day 7

  1. Jobs Module completely and practice
  2. Explain Authorisation file (locks and keys, user ID, various levels etc)

8 Day 8

  1. How to Upgrade NEOSYS
  2. Upgrade a client (use TEST installation)
  3. Explain Zone edit, DNS

9 Day 9

  1. Free ads in Media schedule, how to replicate issues of clients
  2. Backup and Restoring NEOSYS
  3. Moving NEOSYS to new server/location etc
  4. Consolidated Backup (
  5. System configuration file features and testing each field

10 Day 10

  1. Request for a quick demo from the new staff