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1 Working hours

NEOSYS office working hours are from until 6 p.m., Sunday to Thursday. It is required for all staff members to report to office at 9 a.m. irrespective of any meetings during the day. There is a one hour lunch break, which can be taken between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

2 Keeping to NEOSYS Office Hours

NEOSYS management does not want to spend time worrying about staff attendance, so these are the traditional rules of attendance for the NEOSYS office.

  1. If you are late, DO give your apologies but DON'T give any reason. You may be asked, for personal interest, but it is NOT relevant.
  2. Be in the office 5 or 10 minutes EARLY every morning and if you are ever late, increase this to 15 minutes early etc.
  3. Apply the same rules to returning from lunch at 2 p.m.
  4. Use your early time in the office to attend to your own business - on your phone/browser etc.
  5. Always stop work immediately at 1pm and 6pm. Any time you spend in the office after that must be on your own business.

Everybody joining NEOSYS has adapted to these rules and come to appreciate them. You are advised to apply them immediately on joining to avoid friction. Your punctuality will be noticed and appreciated.

3 Working out of hours

NEOSYS staff should not work out of hours except in case of real emergency unless approval has been obtained for the same from NEOSYS management.

Emergencies are only things like dealing with a system crash of NEOSYS own systems providing client services (e.g. win3) and we are trying to get clients back online as fast as possible from backups. Failure of client's own systems should be dealt with inside normal office hours only. Since NEOSYS systems have never failed to date, there are practically no emergencies in our work. "Emergencies" are generally for people who dont prepare for the unexpected and/or are disorganised.

Approval for working out of office hours may be granted if there is specific work to be done and you are making up time for being late due to some special circumstances.

Apart from the above, NEOSYS staff should be IN ON TIME and OUT ON TIME.

4 Purchases

If you require to make any purchases on behalf of the company, you must first get an approval from your Manager.

5 Stationery

All stationery is kept in the office cupboard. Incase there is anything required, you may inform your Manager.

6 Sick leave

You are required to visit your doctor for every sick period and bring original sick note otherwise claims for sick leave will be rejected and treated as absence without pay or deducted from annual holiday at your choice.

7 Claiming Expenses

You should use an Expense Claim Form to reclaim expenses incurred in the course of your work. Completed claim forms, accompanied by relevant receipts, must be authorised by your Manager before being given to accounts. The expenses claim forms must be submitted to accounts before the end of the month in order for them to be reimbursed with that month’s salary.

If you take business contacts out for lunch or dinner, the expenses can be claimed supported by detailed receipt(s). Expense claims for entertainment, i.e. lunch or dinner, should state the names of the people entertained, including the name of any colleagues.

No expense claims will be accepted more than 60 days after they were incurred.

Please note that if your salary is over AED 6000 per month, no taxi fares are reclaimable.

All expenses claimed must be wholly, necessarily and exclusively incurred on behalf of the Company.

You must not entertain other members of NEOSYS at the Company’s expense without prior authorisation from your Manager.

You may claim back the value of business phone calls made from your home and your mobile phone on producing an original invoice, highlighting the relevant calls. International call claims must have details of the company called.

8 Travel

All business travel must be sanctioned in advance by your Manger. A travel requisition should be submitted to your Manger no less than 1 week in advance of your proposed travel date. Our policy is that economy class travel should be used. When travelling abroad, the Company pays for your accommodation, food and conveyance. To reclaim this amount you should add it to your monthly expenses claim form.

9 Mail services

It is the company’s policy that all documents that commit the company in regards to staff expenditure or contracts are signed specifically by appointed authorised signatories. Employees are welcome to use the company’s PO Box for incoming personal correspondence; however the company cannot be liable for any delay/loss/damages incurred by its use.

10 Documents

ALL personal working files however trivial MUST be stored in dropbox and MUST NOT be stored anywhere in personal computer (My Documents/Desktop etc. ) The personal encrypted pass file MUST be stored somewhere in personal computer (e.g. My Documents/Desktop etc.) and MUST NOT be stored in Dropbox.

11 Computer systems

Your computer system given by NEOSYS remains the property of NEOSYS at all times.

Your computer should be accessible to your immediate manager at any given point of time. You may store your personal files, but please note that privacy isn’t assured as your computer system might be accessible by your manager at any point of time.

Installing any software, applications, browser add-ons, drivers or devices must be done only after getting prior consent of your manager.

If you are given a laptop, you should not be taking home the same without an approval.

12 Network systems

All NEOSYS networks i.e. Wi-Fi, LAN, VPN, Servers, Storage devices etc are monitored due to the nature of business and to assure our clients that we have the higher possible security measures in place. As such your network and internet traffic might be under surveillance.

13 Internet

NEOSYS internet or VPN can be used for personal purposed out of business hours or during breaks, however you are restricted from any torrents or file sharing programs because of a high risk of security they pose to our business. Also ensure that you do not use this facility for pornographic or any other illegal activity that is not in line with the Sharia law of the country.

14 Instant Messengers

You will be provided with exclusive Instant Messenger ID’s Google Talk and Skype. These id’s should only have business contacts listed in them. If you need to have a personal instant messenger, you are recommended to download Pidgin or Ebuddy. However you should be able to cut off personal chat during heavy work hours or times of pressure.

15 Dress code

The dress code in the office is formal. You should be wearing a smart business dress at all times when you visit a client. Thursday tends to be a “dress down” day.

16 General Appearance

As we are in the service industry, you are required at all times to be presentable as you are the face of NEOSYS when you visit clients/prospects. Make sure that you have enough sleep and come to office clean shaven. Smart short haircut for gents is recommended. Incase you keep a beard; make sure that it is neatly trimmed.

17 Smoking

Our offices are non-smoking without exception. Smoking is permitted outside the office premises.

18 Meetings outside office

It is always encouraged not to schedule early morning meetings with clients as we believe it is a waste of time. As you are required to be in office by 9a.m. please schedule your meetings thereafter. Incase you have meetings in the old town of Dubai (e.g. Deira) then you could proceed to the meeting directly from home. However you need to keep your Manager informed of the same.