Installing IE7 & IE8 Download Blocker

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1 Why to install the IE7 & IE8 download blocker?

IE7 and IE8 comes with high security settings which interferes with permissions relating to the functioning of Neosys on a server. Hence on Windows 2003 servers which Neosys is installed upon, we need to install the download blockers so that Windows Update does not automatically download IE7. You do not need to do this on Windows 2008

2 Procedure

Download an exe file:

For IE7: from For IE8:

Once downloaded, run the file and it will create 4 files at a specified location (preferably C drive). The required file is IE70Blocker.cmd.

Go to the dos prompt (Start > Run > cmd) and run the following command:

IE70Blocker.cmd /B

On the next prompt type:

IE70Blocker.cmd /B

This command creates a registry key and sets the associated value to block automatic delivery of IE7 on the local machine. The registry should show the following value after you have done this:

Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Setup\7.0

Key value name: DoNotAllowIE70

3 Error when attempting to login: "Permission denied cannot run waiting2.exe"

This error message occurs when clicking "Login" on the login page. It occurs only on Window 2003 servers when ie7 or ie8 is installed.

Solved by uninstalling ie7/ie8 and installing ie7 ie8 blocker to prevent it being automatically installed